Game Creator

Roger Mitchell, Concept Design, Art work

An experienced 2D/ 3D Games Artist who released sixteen commercial game titles, built and managed international development teams for major game studios. An Instructor/ Mentor and developer. Roger has taught 3D course in-game asset creation to over 1000 students in the last decade. As an avid artist Roger Strives to create digital products in 2D, 3D, AR, and VR for the multimedia entertainment industries.

Founder and Creator of Tigershark studios, Roger Mitchell, Has been the founder of the company of over 11 years. He is developing the assets and artwork for this game for more than six years now. Starting with a pixel version, after a few updates, it has become what it is now. Roger is currently looking to finish the game after hitting the pre-development milestone, and now has a working open Beta and it is now possible to show off.

SubterAlien Rescue

Game Overview
Launching from your mother-ship your mission, rescue the crashed pilots, recover the nuclear orbs, navigate the caves, tunnels and catacombs that populate the alien worlds. Your modified lander craft the Cobra-Eagle-1 is armed with weapons and technology that you can upgrade as you progress through the game. Taking its influences from retro gaming classics like Lunar Lander, Thrust and Oids. SubterAlien Rescue will challenge your skills in-flight navigation, tech tree planning use of devastating firepower. Journey to the far side of the galaxy, rescue downed pilots, Recover valuable ship parts and build your lander. Watch out for the aliens that lurk below the depths. This is Subteralien, an epic story of rescue mission across the stars.

Description of Gameplay
SubterAlien Rescue, the player selects a mission. Each mission has different goals, such as rescuing a certain number of stranded astronauts, salvaging valuable equipment and defending against hostile aliens or natural disasters.

The player navigates the level of the mission using their lander style ship. Starting out with a set amount of the two primary resources: fuel and power(life) If they run out of either resource before completing the tasks, the mission has failed. Fuel is gradually used up as the ship’s engines or thruster’s are fired, and life is lowered with every enemy strike or physical collision with the ground or other hazardous objects. Additional fuel and life sources may be found within the level. Rescuing stranded astronauts is part of every mission, and the more that are rescued, the better the score. Battles with hostile aliens and  puzzles that must be solved using the ship as a tool are both possibilities within any chosen mission.

While working on a mission, the player may discover ship parts hidden within the level. Between missions, the player can choose from these parts to customize and upgrade their ship. Different parts can also be bought from the parts shop, using in-game currency that is gained from each successful mission. Lasers, missiles, and specialized armor are some examples of the parts that can be found or bought. Later on…